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If you aren't born again & want all of your sins forgiven, I would humbly ask you read the 30-second biblical gospel presentation on link below⇣ (yes, 30-seconds!). Surely your eternal destination is worth a half a minute 🤨


For a brief biblical explanation of how current events appear to be setting the stage for the end of the age, culminating in the return of Jesus Christ, click below⇣


Featured Lesson-

The Only Man Who Is Also The One True God- The Glorious Person & Redemptive Work Of Jesus Christ

If you are Roman Catholic (or know one), I kindly & humbly ask you to click link below⇣

Can Roman Catholicism Save You From The Wrath Of God?

2-minute biblical gospel presentation

Free Gospel Tracts Available

If you would like some gospel tracts mailed free to you to hand out (I also leave them laying around stores I go in), email me address at jaykreutner@aol.com. They are 4 x 6, brief & biblical. You can click on "Tracts" page above to get an idea what are on the cards.

Scripture NASB unless otherwise noted.