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About Our Service

Thank you for your interest in JK Grasscutters. Below is information about how our service works.

Contact:   (502) 594-2835 (Cell)  

If you need to reach me, just call or text (preferred) my cell #.  If I am not available, please leave a voicemail. If you text, please put your last name at the end of text. You can also email me at jkgrasscutters@aol.com.

Schedule:  We mow on a weekly basis through the mowing season. Our official mowing season is April 1-October 31. If you have leaves, we are often mulching them through November. We have our equipment available, though, year round for any additional service. We schedule you on a particular day and try to provide service that day each week. Of course, weather dictates our schedule. If we get delayed one week, and are a day or two behind schedule, we will move you back to normal day the following week. Also, if rain is forecasted for your scheduled day, we could service lawn a day early that week. Again, we would move you back to normal day the following week. We try to mow the grass when it is as dry as possible, but sometimes we have to service lawn when its wet because of the amount of rain we might receive that week. Even when grass is slightly wet, we can still cut it clean because of the professional high lift blades we use and the blade tip speed produced by our 25 hp engines. In addition; although we mow weekly, we allow for 2 unbilled cancellations each year during the mowing season (Apr 1-Oct 31) if a dry period occurs. After (or before) these dates, you may cancel or delay mowing/leaf mulching as you see fit. If we do reach a dry spell, or towards the end of the year when grass isn't growing in accordance with our usual schedule and you would like to use one or both of your cancellations, please call or text the night before normal scheduled day to let me know you would like us to delay service.  This will save us time and unnecessary trips, allowing us to provide a more efficient service.


Leaves/Other Services: When fall arrives and the leaves start falling, we install professional grade mulch kits on our mowers (usually early October). This allows us to pound leaves while servicing lawn. There is no additional charge for leaf mulching (an incredible value). We also provide a hedge trimming service in March and towards the end of the year. Also in March, we offer spring cleanup services.  This includes picking up sticks/limbs and taking to curb, and mulching any leftover leaves.  If you would be interested in either of these services, please contact me for an estimate.  

During winter, we offer driveway and sidewalk snow removal. The fee for this is $30 for most, with larger ones a little more.  Let me know if you are interested in this service, & I would put you on snow removal list (Spots are limited). 

Billing:  We bill for services after every 4 mowings. On the 4th cut, I'll text you an invoice & you can mail a check. The first time I cut, I'll leave 8-10 pre-addressed envelopes you can use to mail checks for each invoice throughout the year. We don't ask for pre-payment: we only bill after we have provided the work on the invoice. I also now accept venmo (@Jay-Kreutner) for a digital option.

Referral Program: We have a referral program for our clients at JKG: For every new seasonal weekly customer a current client refers to me, they receive a complimentary mowing after we service the referred customer four times. Please remind those you refer to me to make sure they mention you when calling to receive an estimate.

Ôť×Finally and most importantly, I am born again and belong to Jesus Christ. On link below you'll find a 30-second biblical gospel presentation you can check out! 


Thank you again for your interest.  If you have any questions, please call/text.

Jay Kreutner-Owner/Operator