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Jay Kreutner

202 Greendale Dr.

New Albany. IN 47150

(502) 594-2835 (Cell)       


Don’t look now but grasscutting season is just around the corner! I hope you had a great holiday season. I spent most of mine hanging out at home with my family & getting some rest, but as always, I’m grateful to the Lord to have work & looking forward to getting back outside.

A quick note- I will continue invoicing like I began last year. I will still bill after every 4 cuts, but I will send it over text (or email if you prefer) instead of placing in door or paperbox. The first time I cut, I'll leave 8-10 pre-addressed envelopes you can use to mail checks for each invoice throughout the year. If you ever need more envelopes or have any questions, just let me know! Finally, I do now accept Venmo (@Jay-Kreutner) to give a digital option.

At the bottom, there are starting date options. Just pick one and text/email me that choice along with any other message ✔.

A prompt response would be appreciated, allowing me to calculate how many slots I will have available for people on the waiting list (Prior year clients receive first opportunity). If I don’t receive response within 10-14 days, I will reach out to you. Of course, feel free to call me anytime as well. I have kept my equipment out all season, so if you want lawn service before dates below, let me know. (*From now until the first couple of weeks of March, I will be offering spring cleanup and hedge trimming services in addition to mowing).  Spring cleanup includes limbs/sticks moved to curbside (or woods if one nearby) and leaf mulching. The spring cleanup spots are limited, so if you would be interested in this service, let me know as soon as possible.

My phone number, as you can see above, is (502) 594-2835.  You can call and leave a voicemail or text (preferred) this number. If you text, please put your last name at the end of text. I also have a new email address, jkgrasscutters@aol.com. Feel free to contact me there as well. I have most of your numbers on my contract list, but if you have a new # or would like to add your email to it, just pass that info along. 

The referral program will remain in effect. That is, for every new customer you refer to us, you will receive a complimentary mowing after we service them 4 times. Please note - We are only taking on new clients who are interested in weekly cuttings for the entire season. We will also be installing our mulch kits again in the fall when the leaves start falling. This allows us to pound leaves while servicing the lawn (there is no additional charge for the leaf mulching).  In addition, a hedge trimming service will be available periodically during the season and throughout the entire off-season. If interested, please contact me for an estimate. Also, I did recently begin offering driveway & sidewalk snow shoveling and this will be available anytime it snows going forward.  

The 2 cancellation policy is again in effect.  That is, we only allow for 2 unpaid cancellations during the mowing season (April 1-October 31st). Thank you for your understanding on this. As you know, we are often mulching leaves through November (even into December if you have a lot of trees) and is a great value, but after mowing season, you may cancel or delay service as you see fit. If we do reach a dry spell and you would like to use one or both of your cancellations, please text or call a night or two before your normally scheduled day and let me know you would like us to skip that week. This will save us time and unnecessary trips, allowing us to provide a more efficient service. 

Finally, as you can see by the fish symbol, I am a Christian and would be happy to discuss the true saving biblical Gospel anytime. In addition, I have a Christian website- crosscutcom.com (now mobile friendly), & am all over social media-CrossCutMaker. If you’d like a

Gospel Tract w/Scriptures, just ask or you can visit gospel30.com.

Thank you again for your patronage. If you ever have any questions or problems, please let me know. I'll be seeing you soon!


Jay Kreutner/JK Grasscutters                                                                                                                                                       

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Plan on servicing lawn for the first time..

▪️The week of March 18-24

▪️The week of March 25-31

▪️The week of April 1-7

▪️Using your judgment 

▪️I/we will call/text you when lawn is ready to be serviced for first time.